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A General Forum on
Ethereum Localism

Friday the 13th

October 2023

Portland, Ore.

⚠️ The General Forum on Ethereum Localism has concluded! You can find all the audio recordings of the panels and talks given here.

Our intention for this convening was to create a container where the Ethereum community could elaborate for itself, in a plurality of directions, what an experimentalism of the city can mean and look like for web3.

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Recap Audio Recordings

Day 1

Introduction by PDX DAO
with haughtvalue, christypdx, vengi, Wackerow, MacksWolf, Exeunt, Josh and Hodlon
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Panel: Experiments in Blockchain Localism
with Hodlon, Bestape, Deborah Simpier, Scott Morris and Sov

Breadchain Cooperative
Giulio Quarta
View Slides

Ecocoins and Ecoweaving
Open Tony
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Day 2

Civic Innovation for People and Planet
Benjamin Life
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Local Chains for Social Coordination
Emaline Friedman
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Fishbowl Panel: Regenerative Financial Systems
with Owocki, Giulio Quarta, vengi, Felix Fritsch, Jeff Emmett and more!

Regional Food Systems: Recollections as Provocations
Howard Silverman
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Day 3

CoFi - Collaborative Finance
Giulio Quarta
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Learning from Nature's Greatest Evolutionary Algorithms
Jeff Emmett
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Fishbowl Panel: Cosmolocal Coordination
with BorrowLucid, Ken Cenna, Anna Kaic, Benjamin Life and more!

Regenerative Finance in Practice
Sayer Tindall
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Safety and Code of Conduct


🪄 Summoned March 2023 on Optimism via DAOhaus