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The October 2023 General Forum on Ethereum Localism was a success! Audio recordings are available for those who couldn't be there.

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PDX DAO is a Portland, Oregon-based coalition of DAOs organizing for the advancement of decentralized technologies and protocols as a means of creating a more regenerative and peaceful city 🕊️

The best way to learn more about PDX DAO is to attend EthPDX meetups and events

There, you'll be able to ask questions and get a sense of the vibe of our community—we'd be glad to meet you!

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How does PDX DAO work?

PDX DAO functions as a permissionless coalition of DAOs. Anyone can create a DAO in the PDX DAO ecosystem and any DAO can join the ecosystem. Membership eligibility is a social construct emergent from the relationships of participating orgs. As we grow as a coalition, we will be building out a decentralized governance model with an eye toward an on-chain democratic confederation.

Ethereal Forest is currently engaging in research and community outreach to work toward this participatory cityDAO infrastructure.

Who joins PDX DAO?

Individuals and organizations interested in decentralized governance, community organizing, and doing cool shit with web3 technology: DAOs in the Portland Area, organizations interested in becoming DAOs, and individuals looking to join DAOs.

What's a DAO?

A decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO, describes a new way for humans to work together toward a shared vision without the need for centralized power. A DAO is typically defined by its smart contract—the blockchain-based protocol in place for shared management of the community treasury—and by the purpose, governance structure, and vibe of the community.

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🪄 Summoned March 2023 on Optimism via DAOhaus